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Authentic Greek Souvlaki in Baltimore, MD

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Shrimp Souvlaki Wrap

Shrimp on Skewers

Lamb & Beef Yeeros (Gyros) Platter

Lamb Yeeros Wrap

Vegan Meatless Souvlaki Platter

100% Plant Based Food. ( 2 Skewers)

Mushroom Souvlaki Wrap

Mushroom on Skewers

Shrimp Souvlaki (Platter)

5 pieces.

Pork Souvlaki Platter

2 skewers.

Lamb Souvlaki Wrap

Chicken Yeeros (Gyros) Platter

Vegan Meatless Souvlaki Wrap

100% Plant Based Food

Pork Souvlaki Wrap

Chicken Souvlaki Platter

2 skewers.

Falafel (5 Balls) Platter

5 fried balls.

Pork Yeeros (Gyros) Platter

Chicken Souvlaki Wrap

*NEW* Beef Souvlaki Platter

Bifteki Stuffed Platter

2 patties.

Mushroom Souvlaki (Platter)

5 pieces

Lamb Souvlaki Platter

2 skewers.

Authentic Greek Souvlaki and More

Authentic Greek Souvlaki and More
Indulge in Authentic Greek Souvlaki Savor juicy souvlaki skewers Try our mouthwatering chicken souvlaki Experience the flavors of pork souvlaki Delight in traditional Greek souvlaki Enjoy a taste of Greece with souvlaki Satisfy your cravings with souvlaki Treat yourself to delicious souvlaki

Convenient Greek Souvlaki Delivery and Pickup

Convenient Greek Souvlaki Delivery and Pickup
Get authentic Greek souvlaki delivered fast. Or swing by for a quick pickup. Enjoy juicy chicken or pork souvlaki, with fresh pita and tzatziki. Craving something else? Try our flavorful gyro or crispy spanakopita. Order now for convenient Greek souvlaki delivery or pickup.

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